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Schützenfest (Marksmen's festival) is a traditional festival featuring a target shooting competition in the cultures of Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.  At a Schützenfest, contestants compete based on their shooting abilities. The competition's winner becomes the Schützenkönig ("King of Marksmen") until the following year's competition.  Our San Diego event runs 3 days.  Attendance at the 2nd day (Saturday) festivities is open to all.  Shooting and shooting events are limited to Schützenverein members of San Diego and visiting clubs.

Cost:                Schützenverein Members with access code - $70 per person for the 3 day weekend 
                        Jung Schützen Members and parents with access code - $40 per person for 2 day weekend

                        Non-members $40 per person for Saturday only  

Join us on Saturday for a special evening event, as we crown the San Diego Kӧnig and host our annual awards celebration. A traditional dinner and dessert will be accompanied by a performance of the Germania Blaskapelle band – with a DJ and dancing to follow. This is a public event, open to Club members, friends, family and anyone interested in learning more about our program!


We hope you join us for our 2024 Schützenfest.

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